Maintains pH at an optimal level Balance of Microbial flora improves digestibility

valorizes the ration

free up space in te formula Increases milk yield (up to + 15%)

Improvs milk quality fat yield (up to + 15%) Improves growth (+16kg) and milk quality

Regulates heat stres

Provides Extra Energy Fish & Poultry



Product content : Ground Calcareous Marine Algae (Lithothamme) 100% Major Analytical

Constituents : Calcium (Ca) 33% Magnesium (mg) 2-2.5% Ash Insoluble in HCI 8.5% & Thirty Trace Minerals Included

Dosage: For Oral Administration:

Fish : 5gm per 1kg of feed Poultry : 0.5-1gm per kg feed Dairy : 50gm/Cow Per day.

Net Packing Weight : 500gm / 1kg

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